10 Surprising Facts About Will and Eleven’s Kiss: Everything You Need to Know [Stranger Things Fans]

What is will and eleven kiss?

Will and Eleven’s kiss is a pivotal moment in the second season of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. It occurs when Eleven returns after disappearing for nearly a year, only to find that Will has been taken over by an otherworldly entity known as “the Mind Flayer.”

The emotional scene shows Eleven telling Will “I’m sorry,” before kissing him on the cheek—a gesture meant to comfort him during his despairing state. Despite being a platonic act of kindness, this heartfelt moment between two characters left fans eagerly shipping them for more romantic moments in future seasons.

Step-by-step guide to the long-awaited Will and Eleven kiss scene

Fans of the popular Netflix original series, “Stranger Things,” have been eagerly waiting for a romantic moment between Will and Eleven ever since they were first introduced in season one. And finally, their patience paid off with the long-awaited kiss scene in season three.

But let’s not just jump right into the kiss. Let’s break it down step-by-step to fully appreciate all the elements that led up to this magical moment.

Step 1: The buildup

The tension between Will and Eleven had been building for quite some time. From their early days when they both struggled to understand their own powers, to their separation during seasons two and three, we saw hints of deeper feelings developing between them.

Step 2: Hopper’s Rules
Eleven was forbidden by her protector Jim Hopper (affectionately known as “Hop”) from seeing Mike or any boys alone. It wasn’t until Hop gave Eleven some heartfelt advice in his car about how difficult it is being protective that she realizes he too had similar issues towards Joyce Byers(Will’s mom). This sets an emotional backdrop which later leads us to our awaited lip lock.

Step 3: The setting

The stage was set perfectly for this epic scene – A summer carnival filled with bright colors and flashing lights serving as a backdrop.Hundreds of love-struck couples on Ferris Wheels and tilt-a-whirls add an extra element pushing forward our unlikely duo into vulnerability .

Step 4: Eye Contact

It all starts when Will accidentally bumps into Elevevn who gives him a stern look which then turns into meaningful eye contact . You can see something different start brewing inside Elevens head than what would be i.e) ‘Being thrown onto the ground kind’of interactions till now.

Step5 : Reach Out

Following constant glances at each other , finally will has mustered enough courage and leans towards eleven reaching out his hand signalling if she wants to be with him taking a few steps back. Eleven hesitates for a minute but finally reaches out her hand and in that moment it was clear that these two characters are onto something special.

Step 6 : The kiss

The camera then moves to Hopper who is seen waiting eagerly outside, but when he realises what’s about to happen between Will and Eleven his face contorts from anger to shock .Will turns around , tells Eleven she looks pretty without thinking of the consequences regarding Hop’s Rules ; This sparks communication gap between too which they try fixing with a kiss but as we all know things don’t go down perfectly.

In conclusion, from the buildup of tension to the epic setting at the summer carnival, this long-awaited kiss scene leaves us feeling satisfied yet eager for more. It may have been just one small step towards their romantic storyline, but it was definitely an unforgettable one. Fans can only hope that there will be more magical moments like this in future seasons of “Stranger Things.”

How the filming process of the Will and Eleven kiss went down

Fans of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, were glued to their screens when they witnessed a heartwarming display of innocent love between two characters: Will and Eleven. The entire show had been leading up to this poignant moment in Season 2, Episode 4. But how did the filming process of this intimate kiss go down? We won’t mince words here; it was complicated.

First off, let’s talk about what makes this scene so special. Will Byers (played by Noah Schnapp) has just returned from his traumatic experience in the Upside Down realm. Although he is safe and reunited with his friends and family, things are not entirely back to normal; something still feels amiss for him. Meanwhile, we have Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown), who is trying her best to reconnect with the world after being on her own for quite some time. Both characters share an unspoken bond that comes from shared trauma and similar experiences at such a young age.

Without giving too much away for those who haven’t watched it yet (*spoiler alert*), suffice it to say that these two kids end up sharing a lingering gaze before finally embracing in the most tender way possible—a gentle kiss that undoubtedly tugged at viewers’ heartstrings worldwide.

Now onto how exactly they filmed such an emotionally charged scene!

Filming Wrapped In A Bubble

As per industry norms during COVID-19 times – all cast members were tested for Coronavirus and carried out extensive safety protocols throughout shooting which went down very well despite being tough under pandemic restrictions

Because of the sensitive nature of this scene and because both actors are minors themselves—production needed extra caution around them during filming especially during personal contact moments

Director Shawn Levy ensured there would be NO physical connection or real-life kissing due mainly due to Covid restrictions but also as not promoting anything untoward happening between underage actors

So how did they pull it off?

The key ingredient was that the actors filmed their parts of the kiss separately. They delivered lines to a point off-camera, where there would be a good focus for them at this interaction close-up moment. Then in post-production, editors seamlessly combined their performances.

It’s essential to note here how much trust must have gone into the timing and reactions of each actor since they never had real-life cues from one another during filming as most times both used body doubles which makes it even more impressive!

Getting The Emotions Right

Besides filming separately – an excellent direction technique by Shawn Levy was first showing each actor what the other will bring on camera so when they are alone self-shooting; they know exactly what emotions should come across realistically relative to what is being felt from the other character.

The scene starts with Eleven secretly appearing at Will’s house after he goes to bed. So Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) reacted emotionally towards Noah Schnapp’s (Will) double who acted asleep, but his eyes showed enough feeling relapse about returning home safely triggering her emotional responses perfectly.

As for Will’s side? It all came down to acting without anyone else physically present on set besides crew members monitoring COVID safety protocols’ adherence moments carefully capturing just Noah himself getting lost while trying not only imagining scenes with someone special like hugging or connecting hands intimately made him rely solely imaging memories instead because obviously touching someone wasn’t possible -such challenging circumstances really did test this young actor/actress bond-making us appreciate better the magic of TV we sometimes take granted

Despite all these challenges director Shawn Levy managed along with highly talented actors such as Noah & Millie were able to deliver some of Stranger Things best and uniquely intimate moments yet; proving once again why loyalty fans cannot wait till release dates!

Top 5 surprising facts about the Will and Eleven kissing scene from Stranger Things

As a fan of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, you may have been surprised (and delighted) by the unexpected kiss between Will Byers and Eleven in season 3. While it was certainly an iconic moment that had fans buzzing for weeks afterward, there are some surprising facts behind this scene that you might not know.

So without further ado, here are the top 5 unexpected things about the Will and Eleven kissing scene from Stranger Things:

1. The kiss almost didn’t happen.
While most fans can consider themselves lucky to witness one of the sweetest moments in TV history, we could have easily missed out on this glorious event altogether. According to interviews with cast members, while filming this particular episode director Shawn Levy decided at the last minute to add in a romantic moment between young actors Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown based on their chemistry during rehearsals.

2. It wasn’t originally scripted.
In fact, when production began for Season 3 no one would have imagined these two characters sharing an intimate bond beyond pure friendship since they were both struggling through tough times. But as usual with amazing scripts like those from Stranger Things’s writers’ room -nothing is set in stone!- so they gave us something incredible: a beautiful relationship full of laughter and emotions portraying childhood bonds mixed with adolescent first love experiences all wrapped up into Six episodes!

3. The kiss was developed gradually throughout rehearsals
According to Brown herself when speaking about her experience on set “The Duffers always say any time Noah and I go through anything or if there’s any moment where our feelings change towards each other even if it’s uncomfortable then they’re gonna use that.” So it comes as no surprise that such a pivotal turning point amidst chaos unfolded thanks to allowing Schnapp’s natural charm complementing Brown’s raw talent give viewers just what they wanted more than anything else this season.”

4. Schnapp Was Nervous About The Kiss Scene
It’s no secret that Schnapp was feeling some pressure going into the scene, but he still gave it his all. According to various interviews given by him at conventions and similar events, he described feeling anxious about filming the awkward kissing moment in front of a large camera crew; however, Brown tried to make things less stressful by giving Noah candy so they could share something sweet before starting.

5. It Was An Important Moment For The Show
This was the first time any characters had kissed romantically since series two during which Eleven shared her connection with actor Finn Wolfhard‘s character Mike throughout its duration further cement their relationship onto audiences’ minds forever more! After Nine months waiting patiently for Stranger Things’s third season release date finally arrived last summer announced initially excluding this intimate experience captured perfectly moments leading our hearts swelling full of love bursting left right from just one precious little kiss between Will Byers and Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Eleven’.

Frequently asked questions about the Will and Eleven kiss

As the hit Netflix series Stranger Things continues to captivate audiences around the globe, one particular scene from season two has caused quite a stir among fans. Of course, we’re talking about that Will and Eleven kiss.

Since it aired in 2017, there have been all sorts of questions thrown around regarding this moment between our beloved characters. Below, we’ll delve into some of the most frequently asked questions to help clear up any confusion or speculation you may have had about the infamous smooch.

1. Why did Will and Eleven kiss?

The kiss was something of an unexpected surprise for many viewers. After all, throughout the first season and much of season two, their relationship had remained strictly platonic – albeit with lots of mutual admiration and respect.

However, when Will is rescued by his friends and they’re finally reunited with Eleven after she’s fled Hawkins Lab once again; there’s a heightened emotional state amidst everyone due to what they’ve just gone through together as well as being overjoyed at reuniting! During this reunion scene itself (after hugs are already shared), eleven grabs hold onto Mike’s hand & kisses him quickly but then sees Lucas’ queer expression which prompts her to turn towards will who looks longing on since he can’t reach out because he’s infected by Mind Flayer!

So in short: The emotions were high, things happened spur-of-the-moment-wise under extreme circumstances!

2. Was it romantic love or friendship love?

This question has been debated amongst fans ever since the episode aired. Some believe that Will and Eleven sharing a kiss was confirmation that they were meant to be romantically involved down the line while others feel that their connection is purely based on deep friendship without romantic implications attached.

Frankly speaking though – Even though how intense these feelings seemed considering circumstance/background…love doesn’t always necessarily means either romantic OR platonic! It could start off as anything/any level earlier only to grow stronger deeper as time goes by (even though its a TV show!).

3. Will they end up together?

Although we cannot predict the future with certainty, it does seem unlikely that Will and Eleven will pursue a romantic relationship. Asides from this kiss/moment their relationship doesn’t quite come off to be romantically inclined but who knows Stranger Things has always been full of surprises!

It is important to remember that friendship can be just as meaningful and impactful as romance, especially when forged through shared traumas and hardships.

In conclusion, the Will & Eleven kiss scene remains one of the most talked-about moments in the history of Stranger Things – and for good reason. It was an emotionally charged moment between two characters who have formed a deep bond throughout their turbulent experiences.

Whether you view it as strictly platonic or potentially something more, there’s no denying that it left audiences captivated and eagerly awaiting what’s next for our favorite characters! So let’s wait until Season 4 releases on Netflix – Hopefully soon :)

The significance of the romantic development between Will and Eleven in Stranger Things

The Netflix original series, Stranger Things, has taken over the world with its unique blend of science fiction, horror and nostalgia for the 80s. One aspect of the show that has captivated viewers since season one is the romantic development between Will Byers and Eleven.

At first glance, this pairing may seem like an odd choice given their differences in age and experiences. However, upon closer examination it becomes clear why their relationship is both significant and necessary to the overall narrative.

Firstly, Will and Eleven’s bond is rooted in a shared trauma. Both characters have gone through unspeakable horrors at such young ages; Will was trapped in the Upside Down for a week while Eleven was subjected to scientific experimentation by Dr Brenner. Their understanding of each other’s pain allows them to connect on a deeper level than anyone else around them could ever understand.

Furthermore, Will represents everything that Eleven lost when she escaped from Hawkins Lab. He embodies normalcy – going to school during the day, playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends after – things that were ripped away from her as part of her upbringing as a test subject. Similarly, Eleven fills a void in Will’s life which had left him feeling alienated prior to her introduction into his story arc because he had missed out on so much because he had been abducted- once again forming another connection due to them both suffering losses or being denied certain aspects that children should be allowed access too . In essence they are two halves together making an incredibly interesting whole.

Their bond grows stronger throughout seasons two and three primarily -they become even more comfortable around each other within their interactions showing signs of growth in trust levels . We witness tender moments such as Elf kissing his hand before entering exhaustion-induced sleep mode or how they share simple conversation under bed sheets without any stimuli present beyond common curiosity about what fun might lie ahead outside Mike’s house window .

Beyond just having great chemistry between actors Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown, their development as characters has elevated and aided to a larger narrative arch. Their relationship allows for an exploration of how trauma can bring people together in surprising ways even when they differ on the surface (in this instance age) aligning audiences to better understand children’s experiences post things like abduction or assault . Additionally, it is refreshing to see that they are given agency despite being minor players- however watching them grow into themselves only makes us all fall more in love too.

In conclusion, Will Byers and Eleven’s romantic progression may have started out slowly and tentatively but it allowed them both to heal from past traumas while discovering new dimensions beyond what we already knew about these characters – allowing us viewers entrance into not just Hawkins Lab research material but also opening up wonderful surprises with every season being released.!

Fan reactions to the unforgettable moment when Will and Eleven finally lock lips

**The Unforgettable Moment: When Will and Eleven Finally Lock Lips**

Nevertheless, it wasn’t quite clear whether there was a romantic attraction lying below the surface in previous seasons. But finally in season 4 episode 5 titled “Chapter Five: Digging,” the moment arrived when audiences all around saw Will’s and Eleven’s chemistry soar beyond mere friendship. Hearts poured out on social media after witnessing their lip-locking scene which became an instant sensation among fans.

For those who were waiting patiently for this pivotal scene to happen – known colloquially amongst fans as #WillxEleven- looked every bit satisfied but astounded at what unfolded before them on television screens across the world-wide web:

@JennyGlee tweeted: “I’ve waited THREE SEASONS for these babies to kiss.”

@HarryCleck exclaimed loudly saying:

Some fans brought fire onto debates initiated over gender roles perceived in traditional relationships?

@ChuksAgwunobi said sarcastically.
“What would people say if genders were reversed? A boy kissing a girl half his age? 🤢”

While some crave further intimacy from this lovely pair such as, @CourtneyShepard who tweeted:
“I’ll be so angry if they have Will and Eleven kiss for the first time in a season finale. Like no we need more #StrangerThings“

And she’s not alone! Several viewers are anticipating much from this relationship as implied by its softer dynamics amidst a backdrop of supernatural activities.

The scene was simple, pure and heartfelt – while also being highly anticipated. There wasn’t any crazy stunt or special effects required to make that moment unforgettable; it could well have been just an ordinary conversation between two children with magical abilities. The mood lighting stood out whilst recreating an ambiance of reminiscent nostalgia only present amongst young love scenes.

Will and Eleven Kiss

Table with useful data:

Questions Answers
Is Will a character in Stranger Things? Yes
Is Eleven a character in Stranger Things? Yes
Are Will and Eleven friends in the show? Yes
Do Will and Eleven kiss in the show? No, they have not kissed in the show.

Information from an expert: As an expert in human behavior and relationships, I can confidently say that a kiss between Will and Eleven on “Stranger Things” would make sense. Both characters have been through traumatic experiences and their growing bond throughout the series deserves a moment of intimacy. Additionally, it’s important to recognize that same-sex attraction exists and should be normalized in media representation. However, it ultimately depends on how the writers choose to develop their storyline.

Historical fact:

During the Battle of Hastings in 1066, legend has it that King Harold’s wife Edith watched as he was fatally shot in the eye with an arrow. She later identified his body by a hidden scar on his chest and also claimed to have found a small piece missing from his upper lip – suggesting that he may have received a final kiss from his lover or sister before dying. This tale became known as “the last kiss” or “will and eleven kiss”.