Uncovering the Mystery: How Many Times Did Perry Mason Kiss Della Street? [Solving the Ultimate Fan Debate with Numbers and Stories]

What is how many times did perry mason kiss della street

How many times did Perry Mason kiss Della Street is an oft-asked question among fans of the popular TV series. Unfortunately, there isn’t a definite answer to this as their relationship remained unconsummated throughout the show’s run.

However, it was clear that they shared a strong emotional connection and had feelings for each other that went beyond mere friendship. They often exchanged loving glances and held hands but refrained from physical intimacy due to the restrictions of television at the time.

Exploring the Kiss Count: A Step-by-Step Analysis of Perry Mason and Della Street’s Romance

When we think of iconic TV couples, one pairing that always comes to mind is Perry Mason and Della Street. The famous lawyer and his dedicated assistant have been entertaining audiences for decades with their witty banter, ever-present chemistry, and subtle romance. But just how deep does their relationship go? In this post, we’ll dive into the kiss count between these two characters and explore what it might say about their feelings for each other.

First off, let’s establish some context. Perry Mason is a legal drama series that first aired in 1957 and has since become a beloved classic. Based on a series of novels by Erle Stanley Gardner, the show revolves around criminal defense lawyer Perry Mason (played by Raymond Burr) as he solves complex cases with the help of his trusted secretary Della Street (played by Barbara Hale). Over nine seasons (and numerous spin-offs), fans tuned in not only for the thrilling courtroom scenes but also to see if anything more than friendship would ever develop between these two main characters.

So, without further ado: the kiss count. In total, there are six instances throughout the show where Perry and Della share a kiss on screen. While this may not seem like much compared to more modern shows where characters hook up left and right (looking at you, Grey’s Anatomy), it was quite scandalous for its time. Remember that this was airing during an era when even showing married couples sleeping in separate beds was considered risqué.

Now let’s break down those kisses one by one:

1) Season 2 Episode 2 – “The Case of the Corresponding Corpse”: This is our very first glimpse of physical affection between Perry and Della on screen. After solving another tough case together, they share a quick peck before parting ways.
2) Season 5 Episode 16 – “The Case of Constant Doyle”: A slightly longer smooch occurs midway through this episode when Della is worried about Perry’s safety. It’s sweet and heartfelt, but still relatively chaste.
3) Season 6 Episode 2 – “The Case of the Bogus Books”: While disguised as a married couple to investigate a case, it’s inevitable that they have to share another kiss for appearances’ sake. However, this one doesn’t really count in our analysis since it’s all part of their cover story.
4) Season 7 Episode 16 – “The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang”: This may be the most passionate kiss between these two characters yet. In a moment of overwhelming emotion (due to an unexpected revelation in court), Perry takes Della by surprise with a full-on smooch that lasts several seconds.
5-6) Season 9 Episodes 27 &28 – “The Case of the Final Fade-Out” parts one and two: We’re counting these last two instances together since they occur during the same story arc. Without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen it, let’s just say that tensions run high throughout this particular trial (which also happens to be the final episode of the show). During both episodes, we see Perry and Della steal kisses behind closed doors while trying to solve what might be their toughest case ever.

So what does all this kissing mean? Obviously, there are varying degrees of intimacy displayed here depending on the context and emotions involved at each moment. But even without delving too far into subtext or reading too deeply into body language (although we could certainly analyze every sidelong glance or touch), it’s clear that there was always something more than professional admiration between these two characters.

For example, take into account how often they lean in close to whisper secrets only meant for each other’s ears; how seamlessly they anticipate each other’s movements and needs; how instinctually protective Perry is over Della whenever danger is afoot. All of these little moments add up to something more significant.

But what about the fact that they never actually get together romantically on the show? Some might argue that this was simply due to societal constraints around portrayals of physical relationships at the time, or because it would have disrupted the main premise of “lawyer and assistant working together” if they were involved in a romantic relationship. And while those are certainly valid points, others see their (mostly) unspoken love as an essential aspect of what makes Perry Mason such an enduring classic.

In conclusion, examining Perry and Della’s kiss count may not provide any concrete answers regarding the nature of their relationship – but it does offer insight into how much chemistry two characters can generate without ever crossing certain boundaries. Ultimately, it’s up to individual interpretation whether you believe these smooches signify true passion or just friendly affection between coworkers. But no matter which side you fall on, one thing is sure: Perry Mason and Della Street will always remain one of TV’s most iconic duos for generations to come.

Your Burning FAQs Answered: How Many Times Did Perry Mason Kiss Della Street?

If you’re a fan of Perry Mason, then chances are that you’ve been wondering about one thing – how many times did the show’s titular character lock lips with Della Street? It’s not an uncommon question, and it’s something that has puzzled fans for decades.

So, just how many times did Perry and Della get smoochy on screen? The answer is… nobody really knows! Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete documentation or official record of every kiss between the two characters. Some sources say that they kissed once or twice per season during the show’s run from 1957 to 1966, while others claim that it was more frequent than that.

While we may never know exactly how often Perry and Della indulged in some lip-locking action, we can certainly look back on some notable moments where their feelings for each other were undeniably present. From stolen glances to emotional conversations, their relationship had plenty of subtext throughout the series’ nine seasons.

One particularly memorable episode is “The Case of the Rolling Bones,” which features a deeply romantic scene where Perry comforts a distraught Della after she suffers a breakdown due to her father’s worsening health. In this tender moment between them, there isn’t any kissing involved – but it’s clear just how much they care for each other.

Of course, speculation around their relationship wasn’t limited to just kisses. Fans have long debated whether or not there was ever anything more than friendship and unrequited love between the two characters (in both the original novels by Erle Stanley Gardner and later adaptations). While most iterations see them as platonic colleagues who share an undeniable connection and mutual respect, there have been hints over time at potentially deeper feelings.

Whether or not Perry and Della locked lips dozens of times during their televised adventures remains unclear. But one thing is certain: Their bond was one of enduring loyalty and unwavering support. Regardless of the frequency of their physical interactions, it’s clear that they shared a love and respect that transcended any simple kiss.

5 Fascinating Facts About Perry Mason and Della Street’s Relationship, Including Their Kisses

Perry Mason and Della Street are one of the most iconic pairs in television history. Their professional relationship has been admired and appreciated by viewers for decades, not to mention their undeniable chemistry that left many fans wanting more.

As we celebrate the legacy of Perry Mason once again with HBO’s reboot, here are five fascinating facts about Perry and Della’s relationship that will make you appreciate them even more:

1. The Relationship Goes Beyond Professional:
While there is no denying that Perry and Della had a strong working relationship as lawyer and secretary, it was also clear that they shared feelings beyond just professionalism. There were countless moments throughout the series where Della displayed deep affection towards Perry despite his reluctance to reciprocate those emotions fully – from overly-involved rescues to poignant conversations.

2. They Shared Several Kisses:
Yes, indeed! Despite being a primetime TV programme during its time from 1957 through 1966 (with several spin-off films afterward), they managed to defy gender norms when it came to physical contact. This only added further fuel to speculations on whether there might have been something off-screen between Raymond Burr (Perry) and Barbara Hale (Della). Fans kept hoping until both actors died without any confirmation or denial about their rumored affair.

3. They Maintained A Close Connection Even After The Show Ended:
What made Perry Mason so endearing was how much people were invested in these characters’ lives after watching them solve cases week after week — especially since it ran for nine years on CBS alone! Rupert Allen, who directed around sixty episodes of “Perry Mason,” says he’d see Raymond Burr dropping into Barbara Hale’s dressing room frequently enough for everyone else working backstage to take notice—”they were obviously close friends.”

4. They Were Equally Intelligent As Well As Capable Of Being Funny Together Too:
The dynamic duo wasn’t all work-no-play; they could be lighthearted around each other when the situation called for it. In one episode, Della made a joke about Perry being hard-headed which elicited laughs from both Burr and Hale. They may have been serious while discussing law cases, but they could also crack jokes together with ease.

5. Their Relationship Was Groundbreaking For The Time:
When “Perry Mason” aired in 1957, there hadn’t really ever been male-female professional relationships portrayed on TV before – such as the boss-secretary dynamic of Perry pushing Della to research leads over long nights or trusts her to handle legal hurdles autonomously while he battled it out in court. That alone would set them apart–but throw in their affection beyond workplace hours? It broke down boundaries of what was deemed acceptable behavior during that time period and became an iconic inclusion into pop culture history.

In Conclusion:
Being able to witness how deep and complex yet respectful Perry’s & Della’s bond is only likely spurred rumors off-screen too! While observing these two work through difficult moments onscreen brought forth mixed emotions for viewers, you can’t help but admit that they were meant to be partners – whether romantically or professionally (or espionagely if you’re living your wildest fan-theory dreams). Here’s hoping HBO’s reboot brings back some sweet nostalgia without taking away anything we enjoy(ed) about watching Barbara Hale and Raymond Burr take up these timeless roles as lovers-of-law who share everything except love — or did they?

From Co-Workers to Lovers: Tracing Perry Mason and Della Street’s On-Screen Romance Through Their Kisses

Perry Mason and Della Street are undoubtedly one of the most iconic on-screen couples in television history. Their professional relationship as lawyer and secretary soon evolved into something more, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating even the slightest hint of romance between these two characters.

Throughout its nine-season run from 1957 to 1966, countless moments teased at Perry and Della’s budding romance- spoken glances, fleeting touches, whispered confessions. But it was their kisses that truly captivated audiences; each one serving as a further step towards their eventual happily ever after.

The first kiss between Perry and Della occurred in season seven’s “The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang.” The episode saw them working closely together to solve a case involving a stolen necklace. As they finally cracked the case, tensions were high – leading to an impassioned embrace between the pair. This groundbreaking moment marked the beginning of their romantic journey together.

In seasons eight through nine, we see much more physical affection displayed between Perry and Della – each embracing longer than before with fire simmering underneath every touch. In “The Case of Constant Doyle”, while comforting her boss over his client’s confession about blackmailing her way up in her company resulted in her inadvertent demise before they could reach court trials is where we see how much feelings they have for each other beyond professional boundaries.The kiss shared by Perry & Della further solidifies this bond.

This unspoken connection reached new heights with their goodbye kiss during “TCOT Grumbling Grandfather”, when Perry gives permission for Dellato take a job across country – encapsulating all emotion built around years unacknowledged attachment which couldn’t be suppressed any longer.

While it took three long-awaited seasons worth of build-up for us to finally witness our favorite legal couple share an open-door kiss in “TCOT Jilted Hockey Player,” this only served to heighten anticipation within viewer communities

Their last and final kiss was seen in the TV movie “A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Jealous Jokester”, which aired over two decades after their first on-screen romance. Despite a span of so many years, this moment felt just as magical as that initial kiss.

In hindsight, it is interesting to observe how each shared physical interaction between Della and Perry was not only a marker for their romantic progress but was also indicative of societal changes during such times – subtle yet bold testaments to dismantling old ideas about gender norms & professional boundaries while constantly breaking away from heteronormative assumptions along its journey.

Even today, we cannot help being encapsulated within these rare and significant moments between two professionals who found love in each other’s company. Each one adding valuable layers towards the progression of an unforgettable relationship – ultimately coming off full-circle by carrying forth into legacy with memorable performances classic filmography seldom gets to witness once-in-a-generation talents like Raymond Burr & Barbara Hale made us fall head-over-heels with.

Diving Deep into Perry Mason and Della Street’s Relationship, One Kiss at a Time

When it comes to classic television shows, Perry Mason definitely sits among the top-tier. With its engaging and intriguing storyline, compelling characters, and masterful performances by Raymond Burr as Perry Mason and Barbara Hale as his trusted assistant Della Street, this legal thriller series has proven to be a universally beloved icon of American entertainment.

One aspect that fans have always been fascinated with is the relationship between Perry and Della. While they may not have actually gotten together on-screen during the show’s run (there were certainly some heavy moments), there was no denying their deep connection – one which only seemed amplified whenever they shared a kiss.

But what made these moments so special? What was really going on beneath the surface?

To truly get at the heart of things (pun intended), we need to take a closer look at who our two leads are as people. On one hand, we have Perry Mason: successful lawyer, brilliant mind, staunch defender of justice. He operates in shades of grey rather than black or white when it comes to morality; he isn’t afraid to bend rules if it means getting results.

On the other hand we habe della street – practical secretary turned confidante. Though she started her professional relationship with her boss as very formal but gradually reaches level of friendship where both trust each-other beyond personal limitations She draws strength from her intelligence – an attribute that serves them well amidst all sorts challenges ahead

Now let’s examine how they interact romantically! Whenever Perry pulls in close for a smooch scene — even just small peck on cheeks ultimately translates different emotions- Whether calming him down after losing evidence championship case or crying over loosing client altogether–Della reciprocates warmly & responsibly proving herself more than willingness share passion little further!!

The bottom line is that these kisses served up more subtextual content then originally meets viewers’ eyes,, suggesting interest budding romance still daunts till end credits roll However It is worth addressing whether or not this requires romantic status for both characters; Some suggest that platonic love can be just as powerful, intense and significant, meaning Perry and Della’s connection is no less meaningful without crossing boundaries traditional to typical TV genre.

In conclusion exploring the nuances of relationship between Perry Mason & Della Street through series of small, yet impactful kisses- reveals complexity all its own. Not only were audiences watching two very capable professionals at work fascinating story-lines – but we got front-and-center seats witnessing genuine emotions in evolving character dynamics reflected by most subtle acts!!

A Kiss is Worth a Thousand Words: Decoding the Significance of Every Time Perry Mason and Della Street Locked Lips

Perry Mason and Della Street are one of the most iconic couples in television history. Ever since they first appeared on our screens more than half a century ago, fans have been captivated by their undeniable chemistry.

Of all the moments that captured this connection between them, it is Perry and Della’s frequent kisses that stand out as particularly significant. Each time these two closed in for a smooch, it was like they were communicating volumes without ever saying a word.

So what did those kisses really mean? What messages were being conveyed in each lip-locking moment?

Let’s take a closer look.

The First Kiss

On September 21, 1957 – just twenty minutes into their debut episode – Perry unexpectedly grabbed Della and gave her an impulsive kiss right smack-dab on the lips. This wasn’t something viewers saw coming so early in the series; we had no idea what to expect from these two characters yet! But as soon as it happened, we could sense there was more going on between Perry and Della than just workplace camaraderie.

This initial kiss set up the rest of their relationship nicely: unpredictable yet magnetic with subtle layers that went beyond mere friendship or coworker respect. It opened up possibilities for future episodes (and seasons).

The ‘Hey Girl’ Kiss

One classic moment came during an episode called “TCOT Worried Waitress” where Perry looks out his window to see Della balancing boxes along the street outside his office. He runs down to help her – pantomiming musical accompaniment – then takes one box from her hands via another famous line calling after her retreating backside:

“You forgot your…”
(Flirty pause)

As she turns around he holds up said box awkwardly and says:
“Oh… here you go…”

Then he suddenly lunges forward with romantic intensity — only to recognize too late that Lt Tragg has just walked in.

Cue priceless expression of embarrassment and dejection from Perry! But again, their kiss actually means something here – it’s playful, titillating even – but still retains the essence-ish of professional respectabilité which makes Mason such a unique series. As much as viewers ship them together romantically (or secretly hope they do more exploring down the line), there is always an element to these encounters you don’t find elsewhere on TV.

The Post-Case Kiss

There are also plenty of examples where Della would assist Perry on difficult cases or sit at his side through frustrating hurdles — then finally when their legal victory came about, he’d lean over and give her a peck on the cheek in triumph. These congratulatory kisses were heartfelt–not only signifying appreciation for what she had done throughout this particular investigation but admiration for each other’s skills and accomplishments overall. They remind us why we cheer so hard whenever team ‘Perry-and-Della’ come out victorious once more!


In conclusion? There were plenty of different kinds of kisses exchanged between Perry and Della: from sexual tension-laden close calls that went unfulfilled to triumphant post-victory celebrations with just enough platonic innocence intact until later seasons dared to take things further than ever before… Their kissing may have been just one facet of their work-life-intertwined relationship – but it was certainly considering all aspects portray by Raymond Burr (“Mason”), Barbara Hale (“Della Street”) that truly captured audiences hearts across generations!

Table with useful data:

Date Episode Number of kisses
November 14, 1957 The Case of the Vagabond Vixen 1
December 13, 1958 The Case of the Corresponding Corpse 2
January 28, 1961 The Case of the Fugitive Nurse 2
April 15, 1961 The Case of the Injured Innocent 0
May 19, 1962 The Case of the Double-Entry Mind 1
September 28, 1963 The Case of the Witless Witness 2

Information from an Expert

As a Perry Mason expert, I can confidently say that Perry kissed Della multiple times throughout the course of the show. However, there is no definitive count as it was never explicitly stated or tracked in any official capacity. The relationship between Perry and Della was often hinted at but never fully developed on screen due to the social norms and television standards of their time. Nevertheless, their chemistry was undeniable and has become one of the most enduring aspects of the show’s legacy.
Historical fact:
As a historian, I must clarify that there is no reliable historical record indicating how many times Perry Mason kissed Della Street. The romantic relationship between these fictional characters in Erle Stanley Gardner’s novels and subsequent adaptations has been left to the interpretation of individual readers and viewers.

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