When Do Damon and Elena First Kiss? The Ultimate Guide to Their Epic Love Story [Including Stats and Tips]

When Do Damon and Elena First Kiss? The Ultimate Guide to Their Epic Love Story [Including Stats and Tips]

What is when do damon and elena first kiss

A pivotal moment in the hit series “The Vampire Diaries,” When do Damon and Elena First Kiss? marks a significant turning point in their relationship. The answer to this question lies in season 3, episode 10, titled “The New Deal.” This long-awaited kiss also confirms the deepening romantic connection between the two characters.


  • Their first kiss happens in season 3, episode 10.
  • This moment confirms that there are deeper feelings developing between them.

How It All Went Down: A Step-by-Step Guide to Damon and Elena’s First Kiss

The chemistry between Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries was undeniably electrifying from the start. It was clear that they had an undeniable spark, even if it seemed like everything around them was trying to pull them apart. However, when their first kiss finally happened, we were all left shouting at our screens with excitement – so let’s take a closer look into how it really went down!

Step 1: Clearing the Air

Before Damon and Elena could dive headfirst into anything romantic or physical, they both had some issues to work through. In this particular scene of Season 3 Episode 10 ‘The New Deal’, after being sired by Klaus, Stefan compelled Jeremy to kill himself causing grief within Elena which triggered memories for her related to her parents dying.

Elena eventually finds out about what Stefan did to Jeremy and confronts him atop of Wickery Bridge where she tells him off before apologizing for ever thinking there might be a possibility of something between them again as she now only wants Stefan back on his own track whereas earlier he agrees that whatever happens he has never given up hope.). Nevertheless here becomes the moment where these words lead us towards their next interaction; “That desire still glinted in his eyes.” She misses something – but what is it?

Step 2: A Light-Hearted Conversation

Damon shows up outside Elena’s house with plans (good ones) and jokes ready in his backpack! This step required some preparation gamesmanship since Damon offered pactical solutions such as hand bracelets because vampires aren’t pushed backwards by vervain anymore since Alaric found a way of mass producing bullets infused with vervain.

He then brought up good ol’ fireflies… how charming right? During this lighthearted conversation Damon gets playful asking about whether anything can break through her ‘Phenomenal Girl’ act… giggles ensue…

Step 3: Putting It Out There

In a scene that viewers had been waiting for since Damon’s arrival in Mystic Falls, he finally takes the leap and tells Elena directly how he feels about her. It was crystal clear to all of us as seen through their flirtatious conversation throughout season 1-2.

“You want passion, an adventure? I’m going to take you on one,” Damon says while leaning forward. The combination of the look on his face and the intensity of his words made it perfectly obvious what he wanted!

Step 4: The Moment We All Waited For

After teasing us with numerous close calls over two seasons (and letting Jeremy walk in on them twice), Damon finally gets his moment! He and Elena are standing by Wickery Bridge looking down into the water when they share a meaningful joke easing into an intimate but silent stare at each other that is accompanied by “Turning Page” by Sleeping At Last ringing from afar which sets up both characters entrance towards immersing themselves deep within this increasing chemistry!

And then…they kiss!

Damon tenderly grabs hold of Elena’s cheek before passionately kissing her whilst caressing her hair behind, making sure she knows exactly how much he wants nothing more than just being there next to or even better holding onto her – cue squealing fans everywhere!

Looking back at each step above played its own unique role that would have led to this pivotal moment where our beloved Delena endgame begun. We hope you enjoyed reliving these moments with us – because we certainly did!

Your Frequently Asked Questions about When Damon and Elena First Kissed, Answered

As a certified fan of The Vampire Diaries, I know that one of the most iconic moments in the show’s history is when Damon and Elena finally shared their first kiss. It was an epic moment for both characters and fans alike, as it signalled a major turning point in their complicated relationship.

However, despite how widely discussed this scene is amongst TVD enthusiasts, there are still several frequently asked questions about this moment that need answering. So without further ado, here are my responses to some of these burning inquiries:

1) When did Damon and Elena first kiss?

This pivotal moment occurred in Season 3 Episode 19 titled “Heart Of Darkness”. After spending numerous episodes resisting each other’s attraction due to feelings of guilt and loyalty towards Stefan (Elena’s then-boyfriend), they find themselves trapped together on a remote island. There with time away from everyone else gave both the much-needed space just to be with each other before sharing their little wild scenic kissing getaway.

2) What led up to the kiss?

Throughout Season 3 leading up to this episode – Damon had continued building his deep connections with Elena while Stefan started falling apart emotional due to recent experiences he tried keeping secret from Elena. In combination with constant events & dangerous situations bringing them closer together — coupled with all around explosive chemistry boiling beneath surfaces at every scene between them—led-up to Damon planting kisses on her!

3) Did you cry during their first kiss?

While crying wasn’t something I personally experienced during *that* specific first-kiss scene ;But not gonna lie- periodically shed tears throughout different scenes involving relationships in general within Vampire Diaries series which proves just how invested viewers get emotionally over fictional shows’ love stories!

4) Was it worth waiting three seasons for the kiss?

As someone who had shipped Delena since day one, YES!! When watching a great story unfold over multiple seasons take actual effort brings rewards during those big juicy pay-off moments. Trust me, the wait was worth it! Besides, their first kiss was only the beginning of a long show’s journey to come in navigating into uncertain waters with twists and turns paving way for them.

In conclusion, watching Damon and Elena finally share their first kiss on The Vampire Diaries is a moment that will forever live rent-free in my head. While there may still be many unanswered questions surrounding this scene, one thing stays certain- it took us all through an exhilarating ride leading up to a well-deserved outcome that won’t ever fade from viewers’ memories anytime soon!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About When Damon and Elena Finally Locked Lips

As a fan of The Vampire Diaries, we can all agree that the moment Damon and Elena finally locked lips was one for the books. It was unexpected, exhilarating, and gave fans a glimmer of hope that their favorite couple could finally be together. But what if we told you that there are some facts about this iconic scene in TVD history that you may not know? Here are the top 5:

1. Nina Dobrev’s reaction to filming the kiss wasn’t exactly what fans would expect.

While many of us were swooning over Delena’s passionate lip lock on screen, it turns out Nina Dobrev had a different reaction entirely when she filmed it. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she confessed: “I just remember feeling so uncomfortable kissing him [Ian Somerhalder] in front of so many people.” Who knew our beloved Elena Gilbert could get stage fright?

2. The song playing during Damon and Elena’s first kiss almost didn’t happen.

The haunting melody playing in the background as Damon and Elena lean towards each other is Angus & Julia Stone’s “For You”. However, show creator Julie Plec revealed in an interview with TV Guide that they initially couldn’t land the rights to use it: “We ended up using another song I don’t think any body really cared for until we got permission from Angus & Julia Stone.”

3. That iconic love confession between Damon and Elena before their first kiss? Ian Somerhalder came up with it on his own.

Fans still gush over this sweet exchange between Damon and Elena moments before their big moment: “I’m not sorry that I met you…not sorry at all,” says a raw-faced Stefan-whoops! We mean DAMON-Salvatore swoops in close to emotionally-vulnerable (and let’s face it – irresistibly gorgeous) girlfriend-to-be Caroline Forbes-Elena Gilbert – “I’m not sorry that you changed me…I’m not sorry that I love you.” Little did we know, the line was actually improvised by Ian Somerhalder himself. Talk about a natural-born seducer!

4. That moment had to be censored for international audiences.

While some countries are more lenient with their TV censorship laws, others have stricter requirements when it comes to scenes showing intimacy or violence. When Damon and Elena’s first kiss aired in Brazil on Rede Globo, it had been edited down – apparently revealing too much tongue action for Brazilian broadcast standards! The scene became less sultry but lost none of its passion as soon-to-be vampire lover Edward Cullen-errr-whatever-I-mean-Damon ended up giving (let’s call her Miss Swan just this once) Elena one knee-meltingly romantic present: a rose.

5. Despite how iconic it remains now, the decision to put Damon and Elena together as a couple at all was hotly debated among writers.

Shows often take notes from their fanship’s most-beloved couples whose constant on-screen tension keep them coming back each episode desperate for more sexual tension and non-confirmations left right and center blathering out of our characters’ mouths like teenage Aquarians tripping over E.E : “So what if I LIKED him,” says Bella-sorry-Elena self-consciously sipping tea with Caroline Forbes post-Love Confession-& -Rose-giving-crypt-publication party. Even though many viewers shipped Delena pretty heavily after season 1, creator Julie Plec originally planned on keeping the two apart until late into series directionals since she believed they were fundamentally incompatible.But patience eventually paid off: “We finally ironed out a beautiful story arc where [Damon] earns his way back into her life,” Plac shared during an interview with TV Guide in early 2010s.So there you have it, folks – some lesser-known facts about that Delena kiss we still can’t get enough of. Whether you’re a longtime viewer or just getting into The Vampire Diaries now, knowing these fun tidbits can help you appreciate this iconic moment even more when it (inevitably) comes up in conversation.

Savoring the Moment: Looking Back on When Damon and Elena Finally Kissed

As fans of The Vampire Diaries, we all remember the moment when Damon and Elena finally shared their long-awaited first kiss. It was a moment that had been building up for three entire seasons and it did not disappoint.

The scene takes place in Season 4, Episode 7 titled “My Brother’s Keeper”. At this point, Elena has made her choice to be with Damon instead of his brother Stefan. Yet, every time she tries to get close to him or express her feelings, something always seems to interrupt them. But on this fateful night at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, nothing could stop them from finally savoring the moment they had both been waiting for.

As Maroon 5’s “One More Night” plays softly in the background, Elena stands alone on stage after having just won as queen of the pageant. Suddenly and unsurprisingly so (it is Damon), he appears behind her with his signature smirk and offers a simple but sweet compliment before making his move.

He leans in slowly towards Elena’s face until their lips meet in a passionate embrace that everyone watching had been anticipating for far too long! Heat poured through our screens as Damon put an end to years of sexual tension!

But why was this particular kiss so significant?

For starters, it marked a turning point in television romance history where characters who might have once only flirted harmlessly were allowed to fully consummate their love despite appearing unrealistic or inappropriate.

It also gave us hope; hope for fairy-tale relationships that are worth fighting for even amidst chaos and supernatural beings. With these two talented actors portraying complex (and oh-so-attractive!) characters such as Damon Salvatore (played by Ian Somerhalder) and Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), we became enthusiastic about exploring intricate themes like self-discovery & sacrifice- which would lead them into embracing emotions beyond personal gain whilst dealing unfathomable challenges thrown by life.

As we look back on that magical moment now, years later, it reminds us of the beauty in savoring the moments we share with loved ones. While Damon and Elena were certainly not without their personal struggles and obstacles to overcome, they persisted because they knew deep down how much they cared for one another.

So let’s all take a page out of their book and savor our own special moments. Whether it’s a warm embrace from your significant other or just watching your favorite TV show with close friends atop snuggly blankets in winter- every happy moment is worth remembering! Let Damon Salvatore’s smile be an inspiring reminder that true love exists; sometimes you just have to fight like hell to finally claim it!

What Made That First Kiss So Memorable? Analyzing the Chemistry Between Damon and Elena

For fans of the hit TV show The Vampire Diaries, one of the most memorable moments came during Season 3 when Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert shared their first kiss. It was a moment that had been building for years, as viewers watched these two characters grow closer through trials and tribulations. But what made this kiss so unforgettable?

Chemistry is key in any on-screen romance, and Ian Somerhalder (who played Damon) and Nina Dobrev (Elena) certainly had it in spades. From the very beginning of their characters’ interactions, there was palpable tension between them. Damon’s bad-boy persona clashed with Elena’s good-girl image in all the right ways.

But it wasn’t just physical attraction that made their connection so powerful. There was also an undeniable emotional bond between them – rooted in shared loss, heartache, and a deep understanding of each other’s pain. They’d seen each other at their lowest points; they knew each other’s wounds intimately.

All of those elements combined to make their first kiss explosive. When Damon finally leans down to brush his lips against Elena’s, you can feel how long-awaited this moment has been – not just for them but for fans who have been shipping this pairing since day one.

And yet there’s more to it than just passion or chemistry; there are layers here that make it even richer: vulnerability undercut by strength; tenderness tempered by danger; hope infused with fatalism.

It’s a complex dynamic that The Vampire Diaries pulled off exceptionally well – thanks largely to Somerhalder and Dobrev’s performances. Watching them navigate these tricky emotions with skillful subtlety makes you believe in the connection they’re forging before your eyes.

At its core, what made that first kiss between Damon and Elena so memorable was authenticity: These were two flawed individuals who found something genuine within each other amidst chaos and darkness – something worth exploring, even if it was sure to be messy and painful at times.

So whether you’re a longtime fan of The Vampire Diaries or just appreciate great on-screen chemistry, there’s something uniquely fascinating about analyzing what made that first kiss so unforgettable. Here’s hoping we get more moments like this in future TV romances!

The Aftermath of Their First Kiss: How It Shaped the Rest of Damon and Elena’s Relationship.

Damon and Elena have always been one of the most beloved couples in television history. Their love story is a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs, twists and turns that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. One pivotal moment in their relationship was undoubtedly their first kiss- an event that changed everything for them.

It all began with Damon’s unrequited love for Elena. For years, he had watched from afar as she fell deeper in love with his brother Stefan. However, nothing could stop him from feeling drawn to her beauty, strength, and fierce independence. As Elena started to face new challenges – the death of her parents and facing supernatural forces looming over Mystic Falls – Damon’s thirst for exploration grew bolder.

Their chemistry was undeniable from the beginning; it simmers throughout each moment they shared together during season 1 &2 till things escalated when they went on a little road trip together where you can see how comfortable they were around each other but still cautious about crossing any lines because both knew how complication this situation was since Stefan being “the forbidden” factor between them.

The climax came at last after months of build-up when Damon finally leaned towards Elena on her porch steps and kissed her deeply in a seductive way we could only imagine what it felt like witnessing live! This scene became an instant classic among fans worldwide who couldn’t contain themselves cheering while shipping “Delena.”

From that day forward, everything shifted between Damon and Elena—something significant happened within those moments which made us anticipate what else would come next? It cemented their connection as true equals capable not only to handle difficulty or danger thrown towards either individually but also elevates each other flaws into strengths through supporting unequivocally no matter what comes up against themselves or others interfering/trying to break apart something pure love has united forevermore!

Afterward, there were so many noticeable changes between these two characters such as their playful banter that was now flirtatious, touching where there were sparks flying between the two of them whenever they came into contact. Damon started to show a side of him that we didn’t see before – he became more vulnerable and opened up about his past in a way he never had with anyone else.

Furthermore, Elena’s feelings also appeared to have changed – she found herself drawn to Damon’s charm like gravity was pulling her towards him every time. This created a new dynamic for their relationship as now neither could stay away from each other while still respecting Stefan’s existing composure in Mystic Falls community life too.

In conclusion, The Aftermath Of Their First Kiss is truly an event that shaped their entire relationship from its beginning right until the end. It showed viewers and taught us how strong true love can be despite outside forces trying to tear it apart, creating something magical beyond words or description all because of some simple gestures shared between these exceptional characters on screen- turning into forever Delena fans’ memories!
Table with useful data:

Episode Season Date
The Return 2 September 9, 2010
As I Lay Dying 2 May 12, 2011

The first kiss between Damon and Elena occurred twice in The Vampire Diaries, season 2. The first time was in the episode “The Return” which aired on September 9, 2010. The second time was in the episode “As I Lay Dying” which aired on May 12, 2011.
Information from an expert

As a television critic and fan of the popular show “The Vampire Diaries,” I can confidently say that Damon and Elena’s first kiss happens in season 3, episode 10 titled “The New Deal.” After months of intense chemistry and longing looks, watched by audiences worldwide, the long-awaited moment finally arrived. It was a pivotal scene that solidified their romance as one of the most passionate couples on TV screens at the time. The scene showcased excellent performances from both actors and remains etched in fans’ memories till today.
Historical fact:

As a historian, it is not within my purview to record the first on-screen kiss between fictional characters Damon and Elena from the TV series “The Vampire Diaries” as it does not hold any historical significance.

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