What If We Kissed Meme: Exploring the Viral Trend, Tips for Creating Your Own, and Surprising Stats [2021 Guide]

What If We Kissed Meme: Exploring the Viral Trend, Tips for Creating Your Own, and Surprising Stats [2021 Guide]

Short answer: What if we kissed meme

What if we kissed meme is a popular internet meme format that typically features image macros with two people or characters in unusual or unlikely scenarios, followed by the question “what if we kissed?” The meme generally highlights awkward romantic situations and has gained widespread popularity on social media over recent years.

How to Create Your Own What If We Kissed Meme: Step-by-Step Tutorial

The internet has evolved into a goldmine of memes, and one of the latest to hit social media is the ‘What if We Kissed?’ meme. The trend started on Twitter when someone speculated about kissing in intensive-care units, thinking it would be romantic. Soon after, Twitter users began using this phrase in hypothetical scenarios that we wouldn’t usually associate with romance.

Now, this meme is all over our social media feeds with people sharing images of awkward places where they imagine kissing could happen. If you want to create your own ‘What If We Kissed’ meme and join the fun, then you have come to the right place!

Step 1: Conceptualize

Before you start creating your memes, brainstorm ideas for funny situations where a kiss could occur. It can be anything from a supermarket line to an alleyway or even waiting in traffic at a red light. Think about moments that are quotidian but would seem out of place when mixed with the concept of kissing.

Step 2: Choose an Image

Once you’ve conceptualized some ideas for your meme, look for an image that best fits your vision. You can either use stock photos or select any photo from your collection that represents the mood and scenario you want to portray accurately.

The photograph should be clear enough so people can understand what’s happening quickly without any additional explanation.

Step 3: Type Your Caption

After selecting your image or photo, choose a caption that will make people laugh while also fitting well with your picture’s overall theme. The key here is clever wordplay – something witty that stands out from other similar memes relevant to your content; it should capture viewers’ attention instantly.

Make sure every letter corresponds to proper case formatting standards so everyone will understand easily what joke or point being made immediately.

Step 4: Edit Your Meme

Next up comes editing! Ensure the font style complements both the caption text and background picture elements. Choose typography that fits the meme’s mood or aligns well with your overall theme.

Many people choose to slap a white, bold impact font on all their memes. Yet, you can experiment and use playful typography to give your meme some personality.

Step 5: Spread the Meme

Once you finish editing, it’s time to share your work on social media platforms. Share it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – these are great platforms for distributing memes widely. You can also upload it to meme-specific websites like Imgur or Reddit if you want people who appreciate unconventional humor.


The good thing about creating memes from scratch is that they help inspire creativity in others whilst inviting new ideas into our social space. The ‘What If We Kissed?’ memes aren’t too complex compared to most popular meme trends; however, we recommend trying out various captions and images till’ you come up with something exceptional.

So follow this step-by-step guide and create your own hilarious What If We Kissed scenario that will be sure to mark its spot in history as one of the funniest internet moments yet!

Everything You Need to Know About the What If We Kissed Meme: FAQ

The world of memes is constantly evolving, and the latest trending meme has taken social media by storm. The What If We Kissed Meme has become a viral sensation with people tweeting, sharing, and commenting about it all over the internet. So what’s all the fuss about? In this article, we’ll give you everything you need to know about this mind-boggling yet hilarious meme.

What Is the “What if We Kissed” Meme?

The What If We Kissed Meme first appeared on Twitter in early 2021 as a tweet that was essentially a joke. The tweet read: “What if we kissed…in front of our mutuals on Twitter?” Since its inception, it has been widely shared across social media platforms.

The basic concept of this meme is that someone will suggest an unexpected location or situation where they could potentially kiss someone they’re attracted to – such as at a family reunion, in line at the DMV, or even while skydiving! Some variations involve suggestions involving absurdly unique scenarios like “what if we kissed in World War III trench?” or “what if we kissed under the EM Forster letters?”

As with any popular meme, there are now countless variations to these ideas which have been created and circulated online. These tweets birth other similar ones where people outline fictitious situations which could lead up to kissing hence allowing for more creativity in creating memes!

Why Has This Meme Become So Popular?

With everyone stuck inside during lockdowns worldwide, new memes seem to spring up every other week. However, few have captured people’s imaginations quite like the “What if We Kissed” meme.

Part of the reason for its popularity is just how easy it is to engage with. Many users relate with these weird hypothetical moments and can easily see themselves testing out those unique surroundings personally.

Secondly is its humorousness; most people have joined in on adding their own scenarios with many are honestly absurd, but that’s where the humor comes in. The innovative ideas people have come up with to extend this meme keeps it fresh.

Lastly is the fact it can be interpreted by almost anybody regardless of their social school, cultural belief, or gender orientation. Whatever sex you may identify as, whatever culture you may hail from; everyone can get behind the idea of kissing.

What Makes This Meme So Clever and Witty?

The witty aspect of this trend lies in its approach – simple yet funny. At its core, the “What if We Kissed” meme is just an innocent question, which makes it all-the-more hilarious when imagining those absurd situations outlined alongside them.

But beyond that simplicity lies a deeper layer composed of creativity and humor. It requires someone to conceptualize how they will match their prompt situations with other relatable memes – resulting in imaginative outcomes!


Now that we’ve given you an overview of what the What If We Kissed Meme entails let’s see answers to frequently asked questions about it:

Q: Who started it?
A: That remains unknown although some reports suggest feminist Twitter users who by then sought normalcy on long-distance relationships in light of 2020’s lock-downs.

Q: Is there any historical significance attached to this meme?
A: No! Although it does highlight how open our society has gradually become regarding communicating about sexual ideas gained through information accessibility via the internet as well as how people became more expressive during quarantine periods such as 2020 lock-downs

Q: How long do trending memes typically last?
A: Memes tend to outlive their creative potentials until we’re bored and an entirely new one comes up. But since the context around this one seems unendingly versatile, there may be no end till innovation fatigue arises for avid adopters/trend-setters

In closing, whether or not you’re a fan of memes, it’s hard not to chuckle at the “What if We Kissed” trend. With so many possibilities, situations and locations where romance could unexpectedly flourish, how could we not enjoy imagining those hilarious moments?

So next time you spot someone tweeting suggestions like “what if we kissed in the middle of a storm?” or adding their own creative scenarios to this trend— remember that they’re in on an inside joke spreading across this corner of the internet.

Top 5 Fascinating Facts About the What If We Kissed Meme

The internet is a quirky place, and it takes no time for a meme to take the world by storm. One such recent sensation has been the “What If We Kissed Meme”. The idea of two people kissing in unusual places sparked several viral memes that quickly gained popularity. But wait, there’s more to this meme than meets the eye. Let’s explore!

1. The Inception of the Meme

The origin of this meme can be traced back to an anonymous user on Twitter who posted, “What if we kissed at the ____, haha jk…unless?”. This message went viral instantly from where creative minds took things in their euphoric hands, giving birth to this incredible meme.

2. Unusual Locations

In theory, it’s easy to scoff and ask where one wouldn’t kiss. However, some of these spots were totally absurd yet fascinating like a graveyard or inside a gas chamber – proving that internet humour has no bounds.

3. Common Desires

People seem to have common desires around which they weave funny anecdotes on this meme. Some examples include finding love in the apocalypse or while running away with stolen money after robbing a bank.

4. Pop Culture References Used Creatively

Several pop culture references are used cleverly in these memes like incorporating characters from popular TV shows or movies such as Friends, Star Wars, Harry Potter etcetera creating hilarious scenes that everyone can appreciate & relate.

5. Memes As Language Evolution

Finally and maybe most importantly – what does all this say about the language evolution? It’s fascinating how these combinations of text & images have become means of communication for people across different age groups & cultures without any geographical barrier whatsoever.

In conclusion, it’s no surprise that What If We Kissed meme has become so astronomically successful—it doesn’t require too much thinking or hard work but still strikes home delivering laugh-out-loud moments whilst allowing our imagination to take over. We can only wait and see what other humorous specimens the internet creates for us in the future.

The Rise of the What If We Kissed Meme: A Pop Culture Phenomenon

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let us delve into one of the internet’s latest phenomena – the What If We Kissed meme. While memes come and go, this trend has quickly become a pop culture sensation. It has captured our attention with its quirky humor, relatable scenarios, and mischievous romantic undertones.

The What If We Kissed meme is centered around imagining romantic gestures or the possibility of kissing in unlikely situations. It typically includes a thought-provoking question caption accompanied by a provocative image that showcases the possibility of romance in unusual locations or funny contexts.

For instance, an image depicting two people standing chest-deep in a pool would have a caption that reads “What if we kissed underwater?” Another photo may show two friends standing on top of an active volcano, leading to the question “What if we kissed on top of a volcano?”. These captions can be hilarious and ridiculous but also oddly alluring.

So what makes this meme so great? Firstly, it invokes our romantic fantasies and allows us to indulge in playful daydreaming through uncomfortable situations – something which most of us are guilty of experiencing at some point in life. Secondly, it takes everyday mundane activities such as grocery shopping or waiting for public transportation and turns them into exciting “what if” scenarios., This sudden gush of excitement adds an element of surprise to what could have been just another dull day.

But it isn’t merely all fun and games; recent studies support that these types of memes contribute to mental wellness by reducing stress levels. As individuals connect to like-minded people online over shared humor interests ,a senseof community is built at a time when social isolation due to Covid-19 restrictions impact our daily lives. Laughter can undoubtedly help release tension – even when only for a brief moment providing mental reprieve from anxiety or depression-related symptoms

In retrospect, there is no doubting that the What If We Kissed meme is here to stay – at least for a while. As social media platforms continue to innovate, these trends will keep evolving and recurring with new interpretations or variations , making it an exciting landscape to explore- whether just for fun or as a way of providing mental wellness escapes amidst the unpredictability of the current times.

So, don’t be alarmed if you catch yourself imagining scenarios such as “What if we kissed in a haunted house?” next time you go shopping. Embrace it, and join in on the amusing fascination that this meme continues to create!

From Twitter to TikTok: Where You Can Find the Best What If We Kissed Memes

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through social media, cultural norms are changing at a rapid pace. This is particularly true when it comes to memes and internet humor. Just a few years ago, memes were largely confined to Facebook and Reddit, but now they pop up all over the web.

One of the most popular memes of recent times has been the “What if we kissed?” meme. It’s a simple premise: users imagine what would happen if they romantically kissed someone in an unexpected or unusual location. The meme has taken on a life of its own, spawning countless variations and adaptations.

So where are the best places to find these hilarious (and often absurd) What If We Kissed Memes? Let’s take a tour of some popular social media sites:

1. Twitter – As always, Twitter is ground zero for internet humor. With its ability to quickly share images and quips, it’s no surprise that many people have already embraced the What If We Kissed Meme on this platform. Simply searching for the hashtag #whatifwekissed will bring up countless examples from users around the world.

2. Instagram – While Instagram is often associated with polished photos and curated feeds, it’s also become a hub for humorous content in recent years. You’re likely to stumble across numerous What If We Kissed Memes as you scroll through your feed.

3. TikTok – One might not think that TikTok could be home to such an intricate meme like What If We Kissed, but surprisingly enough it does! While only about 15 seconds long on average per video, TikTokers’ creativity knows no bounds when it comes to showcasing their version of this quirky yet creative meme.

4. Reddit – This website prides itself on being ahead of trends online so naturally there’s plenty amount of What if we kissed posts too! Perusing subreddits like r/memes or r/funny should keep meme-lovers amused for hours!

Overall, the What If We Kissed Meme shows no signs of slowing down. It’s a prime example of how internet humor can take on a life of its own, spreading far and wide across multiple platforms. Wherever you are online, chances are there’s a new and hilarious iteration of this meme just waiting to be discovered.

Analyzing the Psychology Behind Why the What If We Kissed Meme Succeeds

As we explore the strange yet fascinating world of internet memes, we come across a particularly intriguing one: What If We Kissed. It started off as a harmless question, casually thrown around in online chats and forums. But before long, it had turned into a full-blown meme sensation.

So what makes this meme so successful? What is the psychology behind it all?

Firstly, let’s delve into the power of suggestion. The phrase “What If We Kissed” plants an idea in the minds of those who come across it, inviting them to imagine themselves in scenarios with someone they may be attracted to. This taps into our innate desire for social connection and intimacy. The idea of kissing someone we like can be exciting and stimulating; something that many people crave on both physical and emotional levels.

Furthermore, memes are often shared as a way to express ourselves through humor and irony. By posting or sharing this meme with others, individuals are able to show their appreciation for the absurdity of modern-day dating culture while still being slightly titillated by the thought of kissing.

It’s also important to consider the paradoxical nature of this meme – suggesting something intimate while simultaneously making light of it with its disarming language. By painting romance as a banal everyday occurrence (in memes such as these), dating culture has its seriousness taken away from it – turning even moments that would have otherwise been awkward or uncomfortable situations into lighthearted topics for discussion.

Finally, when analyzing why certain social trends catch like wildfire online; one cannot overlook timing. In today’s society where hookups are seemingly prized more than committed relationships – memes related surrounding casual dating behavior will always have a ready audience just waiting to share them .

All things considered, there is no denying that What If We Kissed has struck a chord — Why wouldn’t we want to feel appreciated and understood by those around us? Memes which cater towards our need for intimacy, humor and irony provide the perfect escape from daily life – and when we finally manage to peel our eyes away from them there is a small sigh of relief in being able to return to daily affairs having eased ourselves with some laughter.

Table with useful data

Category Information
Description A meme that gained popularity on social media platforms, where people joke about hypothetical situations where they would kiss someone.
Origin The meme originated from a tweet in 2018, which said “What if we kissed… in the Walmart parking lot?” It gained popularity and soon after, people began creating their own versions with other absurd locations or situations.
Format The meme usually follows the template “What if we kissed… in [insert absurd location or situation]?” and is accompanied by a picture or GIF to represent the scenario.
Variations Some popular variations include “What if we held hands…?” and “What if we cuddled…?” Each variation follows the same format but with a different action or scenario.
Impact The meme has become a popular way for people to joke about hypothetical situations and is often used for comedic purposes. However, it has also gained criticism for perpetuating heteronormative and gender-stereotypical ideas.

Information from an expert

As an expert, it’s safe to say that the “what if we kissed” meme is simply a form of social media humor. While some may see it as a romantic gesture, in reality, it’s just a fun and lighthearted way to express one’s interest in someone else or joke about hypothetical situations. It’s important to remember that memes are created for entertainment purposes and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. So go ahead and have a laugh, but don’t let this meme influence your real-life decisions!

Historical Fact

The “What if we kissed” meme originated on Tumblr in the early 2010s as a way to playfully explore romantic and/or sexual tension between fictional characters or people in real-life scenarios. The meme gained widespread popularity in February 2019 when it spread to other social media platforms, sparking numerous parodies and remixes.

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