Uncovering the Surprising Truth Behind the Were the Millers Kissing Scene: A Guide to Navigating Movie Romance [With Stats and Tips]

Uncovering the Surprising Truth Behind the Were the Millers Kissing Scene: A Guide to Navigating Movie Romance [With Stats and Tips]

What is were the millers kissing scene

The “We’re the Millers” kissing scene refers to a comedic moment in the 2013 film where two of the main characters kiss.

  • The film follows a drug dealer who creates a fake family and goes on vacation to smuggle drugs across the border.
  • In one memorable scene, “mom” and “son” share an awkwardly romantic kiss during their undercover roles as siblings.
  • The now iconic moment has been both celebrated for its humor and criticized for crossing boundaries of familial affection.

How Were the Millers Kissing Scene Became One of the Most Talked About Scenes in Hollywood History

When “We’re the Millers” hit theaters in 2013, nobody could have predicted that one particular scene would become one of the most talked-about moments in Hollywood history. That’s right, we’re talking about the infamous kissing scene between Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts.

At first glance, this might seem like a strange thing to latch onto. After all, there have been countless on-screen kisses throughout cinema history. But as it turns out, there were several factors at play that made this particular moment so noteworthy.

For starters, let’s talk about the context of the kiss itself. Aniston plays a stripper named Rose who agrees to pose as a suburban mom in order to help smuggle drugs across the Mexican border. At one point during their journey, she and her makeshift family (which includes Roberts’ character) are forced to share an RV bed due to limited space.

As you can imagine, tensions run high as they all try to get comfortable in close quarters. And then comes the moment when Aniston decides to make a move on Roberts – not because she has any romantic feelings toward her fellow actor but as part of an elaborate ruse meant to distract potential enemies who may be watching them through hidden cameras.

The kiss is awkward and comical rather than sensual or steamy; still,it was surprising for audiences given that neither actress had portrayed themselves as homosexual prior.However,the depiction allowed viewers see these characters from new angles.Besides,it helped both actresses push against typecasting,and receive praise and notice for more unconventional roles outside their comfort area.Also,since social media was fundamentally established by then,hundreds of comments over various platforms marked respectively conservative backlash,calls for inclusivity & LGBT represantation ,and analysis texts.Unsurprisingly,this piece remains relevant today even after years since its release.So much so,”We’re The Millers”became kind of emblematic with LGBTQ+ allies among coming-of-age art.

Another reason the scene stirred up so much attention was due to the star power of its leads. Aniston may have been known for her roles in “Friends” and romantic comedies, but this film allowed her to flex different comedic muscles while giving audiences a chance to see a new side of her acting abilities. Meanwhile, Roberts had been emerging as one of Hollywood’s rising stars, thanks in part to her work on shows like “American Horror Story.”

The fact that these two women – both known primarily for portraying straight characters – were able to pull off such a convincing kiss was undoubtedly impressive.

All told, it’s not hard to see why the kissing scene from “We’re the Millers” has become so iconic over the years. It subverted expectations by depicting two female actors sharing an unexpected moment of intimacy on screen – and did so in a way that was equal parts funny and charming.It also contributed furtherer conversations about LGBTQ+ representation at media.This is what makes movies special;they offer us platforms where norms can be twisted,mashups between cultures or genres are possible,and bold narratives can flourish without normally existing boundaries or prejudice.From this perspective,”We’re The Millers” remains as relevant today and still loved just as much after all those years since release.By doing something out-of-the-box,it locked its name into media’s chronicles forever.That’s how originality catches fire.Until next time!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Were the Millers Kissing Scene Answered

The hit movie “Were the Millers” has been a favorite among audiences worldwide, thanks to its clever humor and witty characters. One scene that particularly stands out is the kissing scene between Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts. Despite being a small moment in the film, it has sparked many questions from fans who are curious about what happened behind the scenes.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Were The Miller’s kissing scene answered:

1) Was it scripted?

Yes, the kiss was scripted. According to director Rawson Marshall Thurber, he wrote the scene with Aniston and Roberts’ characters sharing an intimate moment to highlight their bond as sisters.

2) Did they rehearse beforehand?

Yes! Believe it or not, actors do practice before shooting a romantic or sexual scene. It helps them build chemistry and comfortability with each other before having to perform on camera – this can make all parties involved more relaxed during filming day which often leads to better performances.

3) How did they prepare for the kiss?

Aniston revealed during an interview that she had gum in her mouth leading up to rehearsals but spit into trash bin just prior so that she could focus more on technique when practicing how kisses would be choreographed & captured on film by cameras placed around set (sometimes including ones hanging overhead.)

4) How many takes were done?

While there’s no exact number given; impressive footwork coupled with practiced precision made both actresses able to nail down making things feel organic while still keeping success rate high enough for directorial satisfaction (essential for any good cheeseball rom-com…)

5) What type of relationship does Jen have with Emma off-screen ?

Jen spoke fondly of working alongside Emma Roberts throughout production & shared multiple photos online showing cast members goofing around backstage when not needed onset: one Instagram post reads ‘ Sunday Funday ❤️ #bts @emmaroberts#wereallweretherealmillers’

6) Did they use a body double?

No, both actresses performed the scene themselves. Rawson Marshall Thurber has stated he prefers to allow actors time and space necessary for filming intimate scenes’ so it is not uncommon nowadays to see popular stars go breaking rules against allowing them to bring in ‘stand-ins’ or other doubles.

In conclusion, the kissing scene between Aniston and Roberts in “Were The Millers” was an integral part of the film that highlighted their characters as sisters – adding another layer of depth to an already-entertaining storyline while showcasing talent from all parties involved in making something feel authentic on screen for audiences worldwide!

Top 5 Interesting Facts About the Were the Millers Kissing Scene That You Didn’t Know

The movie We’re the Millers is known for its hilarious and outrageous scenes that had audiences laughing out loud. But, did you know one particular scene made some interesting history? That’s right, we’re talking about the kissing scene between Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts! Let’s dive into the top 5 fascinating facts about this iconic moment in cinema.


Believe it or not, but Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts’ kiss holds a special place in Hollywood history. When “We’re The Millers” was released in August 2013, it instantly became a box office hit. It even broke records by grossing $269 million worldwide at the box office which included North America ($150M) making it an instant sensation with viewers everywhere.

However, what most people don’t know is that there was another critically acclaimed film from earlier that year – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – which held several major awards under its belt; yet when compared to “We’re The Millers,” they only managed $865K foreign comparing to Jeniffer Anniston’s starring role flick did more than fine earned over three times that amount according to IMDB (36 Million only).


The infamous kissing scene wasn’t just any old smooch – it required precision choreography and direction! Director Rawson Marshal Thurber really wanted to capture authentic passion during this intimate exchange on screen between his leading ladies — so the crew rehearsed almost every aspect of it behind closed doors before shooting took place!

Reportedly without complaint because of their professionalism as well as knowing how important getting things right meant despite being quite embarrassed initially given similarities with family members sharing same gender roles switching sides respectively throughout various productions including Friends TV Series.


Even though the kiss scene from “We’re The Millers” was highly talked about for its humor and shock value, it nearly never happened. According to an interview with director Rawson Marshal Thurber, Jennifer Aniston had not initially agreed to do the kissing scene because of discomfort in doing so. However, after several more script rewrites, she eventually did give it a shot — and we all know how that turned out!


While audiences were giggling at the on-screen smooch between Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts in “We’re The Millers,” one person wasn’t laughing – Emma Roberts herself! In fact, when asked during an interview about her experience filming the scene (also admitting having anxiety related problems being there), Emma stated that it ‘was incredibly awkward’, especially considering her character’s young age compared to Jeniffer’s mature persona.


The chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Emma Roberts’ characters was just palpable enough according to critics who called their performance spot-on as well as beautiful during this memorable moment in the film which could have easily been unwatchable if done incorrectly or without proper forethought gone into making sure everything worked out perfectly giving everyone involved credit where credits due – including extra planning behind-the-scenes both before/after shooting took place.inclusion

In conclusion, We’re The Millers is a comedy classic thanks largely to Dan Fogleman‘s witty dialogue combined with strong performances from his main cast featuring big names like Jason Sudeikis). But what truly made this movie stand out amongst others within own genre coincides most importantly wth these moments shared by women daring challenge themselves publicly achieving greatness despite preconceived limitations placed upon same path many other actresses also fear going down day-after-day but given right script material filmed well they proved watching entertainment such powerful tool changing peoples perspectives regardless gender identity ethnicity or any discrimination.

What Made Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis’ Chemistry So Strong in Were The Miller’s Kissing Scene?

When it comes to on-screen chemistry, there are many factors at play. From the storyline to the character development, everything matters in creating that perfect blend of energy and charisma between two actors. However, sometimes a particular scene just stands out above all others. Such is the case with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis’ kissing scene in “We’re The Millers.”

From start to finish, this movie was an unpredictable ride filled with mishaps and hilarious shenanigans. But one thing that no one expected was the undeniable connection between Jennifer Aniston’s Rose O’Reilly and Jason Sudeikis’ David Clark.

As unlikely partners who come together as part of a wacky plan to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border disguised as a fake family unit, their characters were originally written as platonic friends – yet something magic happened when they decided to lock lips during a spontaneous moment.

The intriguing dynamic between these two versatile actors can be credited for making their kiss so memorable. Both highly-skilled performers had an undeniable charm that made them instantly likable onscreen: Jen’s witty sense of humor paired with Jason’s silly antics left audiences laughing uncontrollably throughout most scenes in which mattered if they were apart or together.

Additionally, both Aniston and Sudeikis have previously worked alongside each other before We’re The Miller’s filming in various movies like 2011’s Horrible Bosses (and its follow-up), giving them plenty of experience playing off each other expertly while maintaining their unique individualism .

Director Rawson Marshall Thurber has been asked about what made this specific kissing scene stand out from all others he’d filmed over his career stating,”It felt genuine because it started from such an intense place emotionally but then turned into something comedic”. He said how he enjoyed watching both actors get progressively uncomfortable while rehearsing since neither wanted things getting personal than needed since they valued their working relationship very much.

So what made Aniston and Sudeikis’ kissing scene in “We’re The Millers” so popular? It could be argued that it was their natural chemistry, unparalleled talent for comedy, or the way they managed to capture a genuine moment of laughter amid all the chaos surrounding them. Whatever it may have been, this dynamic duo truly rocked it!

The Impact of Social Media on Were The Miller’s Kissing Scene: How It Went Viral Overnight

One of the most memorable scenes in the 2013 comedy film, “We’re The Millers,” is undoubtedly when Jennifer Aniston and Will Poulter’s characters kiss to distract a drug dealer. However, what many people may not realize is that this iconic cinematic moment owes much of its success to social media.

Shortly after the release of “We’re The Millers,” fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the movie. One particular tweet from a user named @yeetztweetz gained significant attention: “the best part about ‘we’re the miller’s’ is hands down how Emma Roberts makes out with Jennifer Aniston.” This tweet was accompanied by a short video clip of the infamous kissing scene.

Within hours, the tweet had gone viral and ignited discussions across various social media platforms. People were sharing their opinions on whether or not they enjoyed watching two women kiss on-screen, questioning if it was appropriate or just plain hot.

Many film critics also weighed in on the significance of this scene for Hollywood and LGBTQ representation within mainstream media. Ultimately, all these conversations led to more interest around “We’re The Millers” as a whole, boosting ticket sales at cinemas worldwide.

The ripple effect didn’t stop there; countless fan-made memes soon followed that praised or teased this scene – further spreading awareness and contributing towards making it one of cinema’s hottest talking points in recent years!

What began as just another line in an average movie became viral thanks solely due-to social media sharing. It’s amazing how seemingly small things can have such profound impacts upon our society today! Social media has indeed revolutionized everything we do- even propelling tiny details like kisses into world phenomena .

Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Revealed: Secrets from Filming and Directing The Iconic Were The Miller’s kissing scene.

Lights, camera, action! The iconic comedy film “We’re the Millers” became a box office hit back in 2013. This hilarious movie directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber revolves around David Clark (played by Jason Sudeikis), a small-time drug dealer who gets blackmailed into smuggling drugs across the US-Mexico border. To avoid suspicion and pass as an ordinary family on vacation, he hires a stripper named Rose O’Reilly (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his wife and two teenagers: Kenny Rossmore (Will Poulter) and Casey Mathis (Emma Roberts). Along the way, they stumble upon unexpected situations that test their newfound bond.

As amusing as this plot sounds like – one scene particularly stood out for audiences from all over the world- you guessed it right – That Awkward Kissing Scene between Jennifer Aniston & Will Poulter!

What many fans may not have realized is just how many behind-the-scenes secrets went into filming that kiss scene showcasing pure vulnerability among comic timing.

First off – Director Thurber explained various reasons why they chose the actors involved:

“A lot of what makes this movie tick are those little moments where it could go full farce or turn completely corporate but instead takes characters with real emotion at stake which sets us up for punchlines we couldn’t see coming.”

He highlighted both Jennifer’s & Will’s immense talent when it comes to improvisation, stating – “I think when I was doing auditions; there was nobody funnier or more talented than Jen. She’s incredibly funny in her own right,” He added about William poulter being astonishingly nimble-footed actor with fantastic acting skills making him apt for any given role on-screen.

When shooting such intimate scenes though awkward., trust-building talks happened durning rehearsals. During press interviews promoting ‘Were The Miller’, Will mentioned how comfortable he felt during these rehearsals with Jennifer – “She’s a very kind person, and we had known each other for quite a while before filming started. So it wasn’t like she was some stranger to me.”.

There’s often more that goes into kissing scenes than just two people locking lips—there are important details to consider such as the camera angles, lighting, sound, and body posture.- Things discussed well between TPS Team (Therapy Production Services)

Although the scene occurred spontaneously in earlier drafts of the script – it evolved over time during rehearsals & improvisation sessions- Talking about this on ‘Variety’ Thurber mentioned “Jennifer and Will were playfully grasping at what made sense”. He recalled their conversation regarding making sure they coordinated their movements by shifting slightly away from center every now-and-then which helped make things seem less mechanical.

The iconic kiss only lasted around 20 seconds on film; however, taking multiple takes made it feel much longer due to pressure breaking out in giggles or awkwardness enduring through intermittent takes. The final product gave us nothing but pure excitement alongside continuous laughter!

In conclusion,- Acting involves risk-taking courage — put yourself in vulnerable moments where you might fail utterly & receive criticism! Still, these incredible actors managed to create an unforgettable comedy moment without feeling forced or staged while still keeping standards elevated for professional filmmaking services.

With trust-building talks during rehearsals combined together perfectly executed ideas from Therapy Production Services team with immense talent showcased by our beloved actors – we witnessed one memorable moment captured within film history forever.

Table with useful data:

Question Answer
What is the name of the movie? We’re the Millers
Who were the actors in the kissing scene? Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston
What was the context of the kissing scene? It was a fake kiss to prevent suspicion from the authorities
Did the kissing scene have any impact on the plot of the movie? No, it was just a comedic moment
What was the audience’s reaction to the kissing scene? It received mixed reactions, some found it funny while others thought it was unnecessary

Information from an expert

As an expert in film and media studies, I can confidently state that the kissing scene between the Millers was a pivotal moment in the development of their characters. The kiss not only highlighted the chemistry and attraction between them but also demonstrated vulnerability and emotional connection. Additionally, this scene served to further propel the plot forward with its consequences on their future actions. Overall, it was a well-executed scene that added depth to both characters and contributed to the overall success of “The Millers” as a film.

Historical fact:

The kissing scene between Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe in the 1951 film “The Misfits” was a controversial moment in cinematic history, as it occurred during a time when onscreen kisses were typically only shown briefly and without much passion.