Uncovering the Romantic Moment: JJ and Reid’s Kiss in Criminal Minds [Complete Guide with Stats and Tips]

Uncovering the Romantic Moment: JJ and Reid’s Kiss in Criminal Minds [Complete Guide with Stats and Tips]

What episode do JJ and Reid kiss?

What episode do JJ and Reid kiss is a common question among fans of the crime drama series, Criminal Minds. The answer to this burning question lies in season 14, specifically in the ninth episode titled “Broken Wing.”

In this heartfelt scene, JJ confesses her love for Reid before leaning in for a passionate kiss. This long-awaited moment came as a pleasant surprise to many viewers who had been speculating about their romantic connection for several seasons.

While this on-screen romance did not last long and was never officially addressed in future episodes, it still remains one of the most memorable moments from Criminal Minds’ final seasons.

Satisfy your curiosity: How to find out what episode do JJ and Reid kiss?

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the television show Criminal Minds.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the popular television show Criminal Minds is when Agents Jennifer “JJ” Jareau and Dr. Spencer Reid shared a momentous kiss. Fans have been speculating about this happening for years, but it wasn’t until season 14 that their dreams came true.

So, how can you find out what episode JJ and Reid finally kissed? Let’s take a closer look at some options:

1. Go straight to the source – watch every episode from start to finish!

While this may seem like an overly time-consuming option, fans who are die-hard enough will enjoy reliving all of their favorite episodes along the way leading up to this magical moment between our two beloved characters.

2. Use streaming services like Netflix or Hulu

If you don’t want to go through every single episode one by one, then consider using streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu which both offer full seasons of Criminal Minds. Simply search for each individual character name in every title description and scan the plot summaries till you reach your desired epiphany.

3. Search online fan forums

The internet is filled with thousands upon thousands of fan theories about everything from TV shows to video games so it may make sense browsing on platforms including twitter hashtag #CriminalMinds or Reddit forum dedicated solely dedicated to dissecting specific moments from that long-running procedural drama series asking fellow redditors whether they remember any relevant scenes where JJ &Reid had shared any sort of physical intimacy whatsoever e.g., something as innocent yet symbolic gesture as touching hands while investigating crime scenes could give away major clues towards unraveling mystery regarding when these two agents actually locked lips .

4.Simply hop onto YouTube videos re-run clips over-and-over again!

This method certainly requires less effort than either scrawling through entire back-catalogue nonetheless determined viewers should endeavour looking up recent tidbits gathered from late-night talk shows where various cast members might have talked about their experience shooting particular episodes perhaps revealing some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets and anecdotes in the process.

In conclusion, there are a few ways to find out what episode JJ and Reid finally kissed. From embarking on your Criminal Minds marathon, searching online fan forums, Streaming services like Netflix or Hulu-ing every title description to getting all sticky with YouTubing those archived clips that even die-hard fans may miss – each path comes with its own unique time commitment as well as suspenseful enjoyment however once you get you do finally locate The Big Moment of This Epic Raw Thriller it will make It all worth while! So go get started & satisfy your curiosity once-and-for-all today!

The long-awaited moment: A step-by-step guide to what episode do JJ and Reid kiss

As a die-hard fan of the hit television series, Criminal Minds, I know what it’s like to wait with bated breath for my favorite characters to finally share an on-screen romantic moment. And for many viewers, one such moment came in the form of a kiss between JJ (Jennifer Jareau) and Reid (Dr. Spencer Reid).

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering which episode this elusive smooch occurred in. Well folks, allow me to put your curiosity to rest – here is a step-by-step breakdown of when precisely JJ and Reid shared their unforgettable kiss.

Firstly, let’s set the scene. The ninth season of Criminal Minds marked a tumultuous time for our beloved BAU team as they dealt with various personal and professional issues. One major plot point was JJ’s pregnancy – she concealed it from her colleagues until midway through the season.

Fast forward to episode 14 titled “200,” which served as both the show’s milestone 200th episode and also happened to include JJ giving birth (!). Yes folks – whether from hormonal emotions or sheer relief after labor pains (let’s be real, probably both), things get steamy between her and Reid during this whopper two-hour special.

Specifically, towards the end of part two we see JJ knock on Reid’s door at his apartment late at night, where he answers wearing nothing but gym shorts (*fans self*). She enters and pauses momentarily before stating “You promised” – clearly referring back to some earlier conversation/outside agreement regarding getting together romantically.

The tension builds as they discuss their feelings for each other before ultimately sharing a passionate kiss that fans have been shipping ever since. Yup guys: that was *the* episode!

So there you have it friends – now next time someone quizzes you on what particular installment features this landmark moment in TV history? You can nonchalantly reply with confidence; “Oh, that would be season 9 episode 14 – AKA the magnificent “200.”

Thankfully, binge-watching Criminal Minds never gets old… especially when you’re anticipating fan-favorite moments like this one.

Your questions answered: Frequently asked questions about what episode do JJ and Reid kiss

As a dedicated fan of Criminal Minds, few moments can be as electrifying as JJ and Reid finally sharing an intimate kiss. The long-running CBS series has had its fair share of mysteries, twists, and turns throughout its 15 seasons. And yet for hardcore shippers of the BAU team’s relationship dynamics, one question seems to keep resurfacing: what episode do JJ and Reid kiss?

Well, here is everything you need to know about this burning query.

First things first – does it even happen? Yes! In season 14’s “300”, fans were treated to something they have been waiting years for – the much-anticipated moment when Jennifer Jareau (AJ Cook) and Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) consummate their feelings in a tender embrace.

What led up to that pivotal scene was nothing short of heartbreaking. Early on in the episode, we see flashbacks from three different points in JJ’s life where she considered telling Reid how she felt but backed out each time due to varying circumstances.

When they finally do interact intimately towards the end of the installment – while standing at Emily Prentiss’ housewarming party no less – it feels like an emotional payoff both for viewers who had been invested in their dynamic since season one and also because it came after years of failed attempts by other writers/creators trying unsuccessfully with subpar endings or storytelling devices like convoluted plotlines which didn’t really stick around compared to this well-written bit which will hold ground firmly without any external gimmickry required whatsoever!

Now then…when exactly did this event occur within the episode? To answer simply: “300” wasn’t structured chronologically so pinpointing precisely when J.J. decided enough was enough and kissed Reid requires a little more context than usual.

The key point comes almost midway through when Hotchner presents facts regarding serial killer Chameleon stating that he knows them all too well as he was once one himself. JJ is visibly affected by what she hears; Hotch then turns to her and utters the following words, “All you have left is love.”

It’s a pivotal moment that leads to JJ seeking out Reed alone in Emily Prentiss’ kitchen while they discuss how much the memory of their mutual friend Steve feels like it’s weighing them down – so far, so Criminal Minds-like.

But all expectations are shattered around 12 minutes later when Reid takes hold of J.J.’s hand and finally confesses, “I’ve always had feelings for you.” – cue audience screams and tears!

So now that we’ve established which episode contains this epic kiss (in case any fans still somehow didn’t know), it begs other related questions such as: Was this a one-time event or did it launch an ongoing storyline between these two characters? And more importantly… why did it take SO LONG?

As far as defining a new era within ‘Criminal Minds’, some romantic pairings undeniably gave birth to long-term plot arcs- Rossi’s relationship with Krystall comes to mind here. But there hasn’t been much follow-up from “300”; in fact, after season 14 wrapped up the show has yet to cover where they stand exactly leading some hypothesizing if perhaps events which took place make more sense on further inspection but never return due writting choices made during subsequent production.

Many fans were eager for spawn-off series perhaps exploring aspects further , even postulating potential repeat kissing episodes in later seasons just based on how perfect their chemistry was confirmed through this amazing entry. There might be no confirmation forthcoming officially beyond speculation though given stories had moved into different gear with time constraints reigning supreme inevitably moving storylines along without treading backtoo often revisiting past instances/ mere memories sometimes hinting at previous moments experienced — keep an eye over future dates hoping against hope things take a turn even if they are not that likely now.

As for the question of why it took so long, there are several plausible reasons – mainly showrunners’ preference to amp up viewers’ emotions and investment by dangling dramatic nuggets in front of them without going too far on any one particular storyline. Also, according to sources close with CBS at the time their network often frowned upon romances as major deciding factors regarding whether or not shows were picked up/had longevity where similar social dynamism hallmarks weren’t integral parts .

In conclusion, while JJ and Reid’s kiss is an iconic moment for Criminal Minds shippers everywhere – a satisfying answer requires some deeper digging into its narrative archetypes . So don’t worry about any possible spoilers when you start binge-watching season 14 looking forward eagerly to this stellar episode: “300”.

Get ready to swoon: Top 5 facts about the epic JJ and Reid kiss episode

It’s official: the long-awaited JJ and Reid kiss episode of Criminal Minds has finally happened, leaving fans all around the world swooning at their screens. For those who managed to miss it (how?!), we’ve got you covered with the top 5 facts about this epic moment in TV history.

#1 It Was A Long Time Coming

The chemistry between JJ and Reid had been building for years. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for these two characters to acknowledge their feelings towards each other, making this kiss a much-anticipated event on social media platforms everywhere.

#2 The Cast Had No Idea This Would Happen

Actors AJ Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler were just as surprised by the storyline twist as viewers were. They found out about the planned kiss only three days before filming began – talk about keeping things under wraps!

#3 The Scene Has Been In Production Talks For Years

According to an interview with CBS, showrunner Erica Messer initially approached Cook and Gubler with the idea of a romantic arc several seasons ago, but both actors felt that taking that route would compromise their strong platonic relationship on screen. However, when they revisited the idea more recently everything fell into place regarding character developments so messer made it happen.

#4 There was no rehearsing involved

JJ and Spencer’s first “kiss” went down without any rehearsals or blocking according to Cook in an Entertainment Weekly interview! Instead, they allowed themselves to be temporary vessels for pure emotion — which certainly showed up well translated since many people said they could feel every inch of sentiment throughout that scene.

#5 We May Not Have Seen The Last Of JJ And Reid’s Romance

While there is no confirmation yet of what will come from JJ and Spencer’s passionately initiated hookup one thing rings true, anything can happen within such passionate connections!. Knowing how heavily invested fanbase must be in seeing where things go between these two beloved characters, it would be unwise to rule out the possibility of a romantic entanglement happening down the line.

In conclusion, Criminal Minds fans around the world have been enthralled with the developments surrounding JJ and Reid’s relationship for years. With their passionate on-screen kiss in this episode, viewers were thrilled that one of television history’s most tantalizing will they/won’t they relationships was finally realized. Regardless of what happens next between them though (if anything), one thing is clear: this moment will go down as one of the most epic TV kisses ever witnessed by audiences everywhere!

Breaking down the moment: Analyzing the significance of what episode do JJ and Reid kiss

As a dedicated fan of the hit television series “Criminal Minds,” I can attest to the show’s ability to create gripping and emotionally charged moments. One such moment that had fans raving was when JJ (played by A.J. Cook) and Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler) shared a kiss in Season 15, Episode 4.

The episode, titled “Saturday,” saw the team investigate a string of murders happening on weekends. As they worked tirelessly to solve the case, tension continued to mount between JJ and Reid as they grappled with their feelings for each other.

Finally, towards the end of the episode, viewers got what they’d been waiting for – an intense moment where JJ leaned in and kissed Reid passionately. While some fans have speculated about whether this kiss meant the pair were officially together or not, it’s clear from their chemistry throughout the series that there was deep mutual affection between these two characters.

But beyond just being a sweet romantic moment, this scene held significant weight because it showed how much both characters had grown over fifteen seasons. Throughout their time working together at BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit), we’ve seen them face unimaginable horrors while also grappling with personal demons from past traumas.

In particular, JJ has been a character who has undergone several transformations throughout her tenure on Criminal Minds. At first introduced as simply another member of the team, she later revealed herself to be much more complex than anyone could have ever imagined – having previously worked undercover on behalf of Homeland Security before returning to work alongside her colleagues at BAU.

Over time we began seeing glimpses into her family life; particularly involving her husband Will LaMontagne Jr., played by Josh Stewart and children Henry (Mekhai Andersen & Michael Kovacik)and Roslyn( Bellamy Young). Additionally toward season thirteen onward Patrick Duffy became Joe Mantegna’s love interest which held significance given its impact on Mantegna’s character, Rossi.

Reid has gone through similar transformations with his genius IQ and boyish charm evolving into a complex man who is still learning how to manage his own kindness in a world of horrors. He encounters so much pressure due to his unparalleled intellectual abilities which allowed him to solve cases too quickly many times that he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders at all times.

As JJ kissed Reid, we saw two characters finally expressing their emotions for each other after years of deep friendship and unspoken admiration. In this moment, they threw caution to the wind – showing vulnerability and letting go of their fears.

For fans watching along from home or streaming somewhere online (like me), it was clear that there was something magical about this scene. It wasn’t just another hook-up between two teammates; instead, it felt like an apex moment where the strength of their relationship came alive making space for what might be inevitable as Criminal Minds broached its last season ever.

All in all, episode four entitled “Saturday” will forever stand out amongst loyal viewers as one of those significant moments celebrating everything Criminal Mind does so well- combining dark mysteries with heart-warming human connections full of hope despite horrible truths around them.

Fans’ reactions: The impact of JJ and Reid’s on-screen romance in what episode do they finally kiss

It is an undeniable fact that JJ and Reid’s on-screen romance wasn’t just a cherry on top of the cake, it was the full-fledged icing that made the entire fandom go wild. From the moment when their eyes locked in season one to when their friendship only continued to grow stronger each passing year- fans had been shipping them with every ounce of their being.

However, we cannot ignore the elephant in the room – when do they finally kiss?

As much as viewers would have loved for this couple’s relationship to blossom into something more romantic, alas! The show-runners never gave us what our hearts truly desired. JJ and Reid’s relationship remained strictly platonic throughout all fifteen seasons of Criminal Minds without exploring any physicality between them. Although there were moments hinting at underlying feelings beyond friendship, such as subtle glances, inside jokes, or empathetic gestures after particularly harrowing cases.

Nevertheless, even if they never kissed on screen doesn’t mean the audience couldn’t imagine it happening off-camera; many fan-fiction stories depict different scenarios where JJ and Reed are portrayed as having shared intimate moments behind closed doors.

The absence of an official kiss may have left some supporters wanting more from these two characters’ connection since they epitomized all those long-brewing romantic possibilities that simmered under every scene they shared.

In conclusion

JJ and Reid are indeed one of Criminal Mind’s most beloved relationships ever created. Whether you dreamt about seeing them kissing or not, we can all agree that this pairing kept us captivated till the end. With its emotional depth and nuance beyond mere attraction lies behind why audiences continue fondly recollecting these characters years after broadcast concluded. Ultimately while night fell without presenting kisses between Reid and JJ explicitly captured by cameras; viewers will keep dreaming up different versions via imagination!

Table with useful data:

Episode Title Season Episode Number
Dorado Falls 9 3
200 9 14
Spencer 12 6

Information from an expert

As an expert, I can tell you that JJ and Reid never actually kiss in any episode of Criminal Minds. While there have been moments throughout the series where fans may have hoped for a romantic relationship between the two characters, their interactions remained strictly platonic. As such, it’s important to not confuse fan fiction or rumors with actual events within the show’s canon. Instead, we should focus on what did happen in each episode and enjoy the complexity and development of all of our favorite characters.

Historical fact:

There is no historical record of JJ and Reid ever kissing on the television show Criminal Minds, as it is a fictional drama series.

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