Care Packages by Carnie
Care Packages by Carnie Care Packages by Carnie Care Packages by Carnie Care Packages by Carnie Care Packages by Carnie Care Packages by Carnie
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 Love Bites Lemon Shortbread Cookies

A delectable combination of sweet and tart, made with lots of lemony love.  These cookies will treat your taste buds to a burst of lemon and buttery goodness.  A real shortbread lover’s dream.

Love Bites Salted Vanilla Caramel Sauce

What do you get when you combine homemade caramel, vanilla, and sea salt? You get a party in your mouth!!!!

Great with: Ice cream, apples or maybe just grab a spoon full!

 12oz Bag of Whole Bean Love Beans by Carnie Coffee®

  • Perfectly Roasted by Upper Left Roasters in Portland Oregon
  • Name: Dark Roast Blend
  • Tasting notes: Grilled pineapple, graham cracker
  • Featured coffees: East Africa, South America
  • Highlight: Fruit-forward take on the iconic dark roast approach
  • Roast profile: dark Story: At Upper Left we believe darkly roasting coffee is an important part of the coffee roasting tradition and strive to create and offer the finest dark coffee possible. Our Dark Blend is roasted and blended with great care to offer outstanding sweetness and complexity. It's fruit sweetness along with a slight char finish is truly something to behold and savor, a reminder that dark roasted coffee is the beverage at it’s most fragrant and distinctive, tasting like nothing else.

Love Bites by Carnie Coffee Mugs

The perfect compliment to your Love Beans by Carnie Coffee®. 

  Love Lites by Carnie Candle Tins - Sea Salt + Cream and Sparkling Mimosa

Sea Salt + Cream: Sweet cream flirts with hints of jasmine and driftwood to create a soft and warm salty air scent!

Sparkling Mimosa Crisp grapefruit, sweet tangerine, and zesty ginger blend to create this tart and sweet scent.

Beautifully hand-crafted candles by Broken Top Candles in Bend, Oregon. All our candles are manufactured using plant-based wax, cotton wicks, and essential oil-infused fragrances. Eco-friendly & biodegradable.

Love Lites by Carnie Hand Sanitizer - Sea Salt + Cream and Sparkling Mimosa

With the same amazing scents of our Love Lites candles. Made with ethyl alcohol (62%) for effectiveness, organic aloe vera, and pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E acetate which is rich in antioxidants and skin conditioning.

Due to COVID-19, product/packaging may change due to interruption in the supply chain. 

*Package will include alternating scents for candle and hand sanitizer. Ex: If you receive Sea Salt + Cream hand sanitizer, you will receive the Sparkling Mimosa candle and vice versa. 

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Due to supply chain issues as a result of COVID, should one item be out of stock, you will receive a similar item of equal or greater value.

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