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Love Lites by Carnie candles

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake


My love for baking started with cheesecakes. I really felt like an accomplished baker after I had my first successful cheesecake. No cracks. Creamy. Intense. Distinctive. I then became literally obsessed with cheesecakes and different flavors. I vividly remember mixing a bowl of lemon cheesecake batter and hearing my grandmother Mae’s voice saying “Your fortune’s in your food, your fortune’s in your food”.

I stopped stirring and thought to myself… that was a clear message from beyond telling me that my happiness, soul satisfaction and my future destiny was making desserts and starting my own line of them. Very quickly after that I decided to devote a big part of my life to developing recipes. I had already released my cookbook “To Serve with Love” and had desserts that I adored, but baking became more meaningful to me. It filled a hole in my soul.

Seeing people eat my different treats became an obsession and I haven’t looked back since 2005. My desserts, to me, are some of the most exquisite, decadent desserts ever and I am in love with all of them.  There are dozens of recipes flavors and I will share them all. Our flavors are intense, full of thought and incredibly special. The portion is just right and this has evolved over the last 10 years. All you need is a bite. But it better be the best damn bite ever!!

Cake Bites

When I think of cake bites, I am immediately brought back to my younger years and being completely floored by them. It started with Sara Lee… I used to heat them up and put vanilla ice cream on them. I think it’s because of the amount of butter and eggs and also how dense they are.  It’s truly my favorite type of cake … even more than birthday cake smothered in buttercream (well, that might be a lie). 

Frosting is my fave food group on the planet. But back to cake bites…. A nice lemon cake bite makes me sing…but I know there are endless possibilities, and that there are so many ways to fill and top them. Love Bites will always create more and more cake bites and we are starting off with some of my favorite flavors.


We all need chewy fudgy brownies in our lives… they are for all ages and sure to please. I recall, I always wanted a huge square when a fresh batch was made, but honestly I always felt gross after eating a big piece. This is why Love Bites are the perfect size, just enough to titillate but enough to satisfy.

Crumb Cakes

There really is nothing more comforting than a crumb cake. This is one Love Bite that’s hard to only eat one. I almost become angry. Ha. I literally have to close my eyes and chew slowly to take in what I’m eating. I need to appreciate the moment. I say thank you  (to I don’t even know who…the god of crumb cakes??) and almost cry because I just can’t handle it. I’m not dramatic at all.